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Zeleus Launches the International Bridge-to-Benin Career Enhancement Program

By July 4, 2022October 4th, 2022News

Cotonou, Benin Zeleus Inc., a United States-based technology company for career enhancements and entrepreneurship is launching the first phase of its career development program in Benin this week. The first element of the program includes the implementation of a partnership with MassChallenge. MassChallenge is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting innovation and entrepreneurship through collaboration. The launch of the Bridge to Benin Program is designed to identify and accelerate top startups based in Benin. This program will help entrepreneurs grow their business in the Beninese market and open up worldwide export opportunities.

Startups selected for the program will participate in intensive startup training followed by a national pitch competition. The most compelling entrepreneurs will then join boot camps in MassChallenge hubs, where they will participate in the MassChallenge Boston, Israel, and Switzerland ecosystems. The program, available through Zeleus, is open to all startups based in Benin regardless of sector or stage of development. Zeleus brings the program to Benin with the objective of supporting early-stage startups that have the potential for growth and a positive impact on the national and local economies.

Committed to supporting the development of entrepreneurship in Benin, this launch marks just one piece of four new initiatives Zeleus is bringing to the country, including:

  • Entrepreneurship Platform: In addition to bringing MassChallenge to Benin, Zeleus will train entrepreneurs to build business skills, open up new sales channels, and connect entrepreneurs to funding sources.
  • Agribusiness Program: Agribusiness in Benin presents a massive  opportunity for growth.  Our program includes business capacity building, expanded access to global markets for export, and a specially focused track in our entrepreneurship platform and MassChallenge partnership. Agri-entrepreneurs will ultimately be matched with global distributors, who can open up new distribution opportunities.
  • Career Services: Zeleus also provides state-of-the-art education and training in career services. Zeleus is committed to developing the skilled labor market in Benin to foster professional growth by offering career assessment, advising, skill development and training, upskilling and reskilling, as well as targeted job boards and networking possibilities, and connections to millions of jobs locally and internationally.  
  • The Zeleus Systems Technology Internship Program: Zeleus is working with major Technology Companies to bring internship opportunities to Benin. The program will create a local technology and innovation community, and expand international connectivity and communication for Benin.

Gildas Bah, CEO of Zeleus and a native of Benin, stated,

“We are excited to continue the momentum that we started in December when we signed our landmark agreement with APIEX. Our team is invested in bringing these new programs to Benin, and we look forward to supporting the country’s entrepreneurs and career professionals”.

To apply for the Bridge to Benin program, please visit

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