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Zeleus and MassChallenge Launch Partnership with Benin

By December 20, 2021News

Last week Zeleus traveled to Benin to ink a monumental deal for the country. Founders Gildas Bah and Yessi Beheton, with COO Edward Weisberg and Creative Director Jack McGoldrick met with the Director-General of the Agency for the Promotion of Investments and Exports (APIEx) Laurent Gangbès to launch a partnership between Zeleus and APIEx. 

The new partnership brings jobs training, career advisement, and professional branding to the young professionals of Benin. The deal also marks the establishment of the Benin chapter of MassChallenge to provide entrepreneurial training to over five hundred startup companies in Benin over the next five years. 

The signing ceremony was broadcast live online across Benin, and to many people watching around the world. The media was in full attendance to provide news coverage for the launch of the venture. 

Benin is already a country experiencing positive transition, with President Patrice Talon’s PAG program to provide economic stimulus and reform, and the signs of change are already there. What Zeleus brings is the skills and career advancement training that will help young professionals be able to market themselves properly so that they are competitive in the global job market, including jobs with American countries that they will be able to perform remotely in their own home and country.

With boots on the ground, Zeleus will offer real training and assistance to a wealth of young professionals who already have an education, but need the training in the skills necessary to excel at these jobs. This will offer them a better future and will have a huge economic impact on the country.

A great partnership was formed between Zeleus and APIEx. And the professionals of Benin will soon have access to a wealth of professional resources as a result.

Check out our behind-the-scenes photos from the event (official photos to come soon)!