Resume Service - $125

While writing a resume may be an old concept, the art of writing a stand-out resume to outshine competitors in the digital age is anything but. With record-breaking competition in the job market and more and more companies utilizing AI-driven screening tools to prescreen resumes, understanding how to correctly write and format your documents can be an overwhelming task.

Enter Zeleus. Our team has the expertise and know-how to write you an AI-savvy resume that perfectly captures your talents and abilities, enabling your ability to make it beyond ATS prescreens to be viewed by the real humans behind the hiring process. 

The Benefits of a Professionally Written Resume from Zeleus are Countless, But Here’s a Few to Consider:

Professionals Save Valuable Time

We often say at Zeleus that applying for jobs is a full-time position, and the reality of that statement could not be more true. Job seekers pour countless hours into researching the correct ways to write and format a resume, scrolling through job boards, researching companies, networking, and working on the applications themselves.

Hiring resume-writing services at Zeleus ensures a professional, eye-catching resume highlighting your greatest assets, allowing you to spend your time on the things that truly matter.

Professionals Know How to Market Your Talents.

You’ve got the skills. You’ve got the education. You’ve got the experience.
Selling those talents on paper, however, can be a challenge. With limited space on the page, it can be difficult to navigate what to include on your resume and what to discard. Additionally, our professionals find many candidates have talents and valuable, marketable experience that they don’t even realize themselves.

At Zeleus, our career professionals take your skills, talents, and experience and write them into a resume that expertly aligns your abilities and assets to the positions you most desire.

Understanding ATS Software is Confusing and Daunting.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software is becoming more and more common in the digital age, meaning that if your resume is not correctly written and formatted, your application will be screened out before a human being even reads it. Understanding the methodology behind this process is confusing, time-consuming, and difficult to navigate.
Career professionals at Zeleus understand exactly how to ensure your documents pass through these processes, greatly increasing your opportunities to interview for your next dream job.

Our Professional Resumes Truly Stand Out.

The reality of today’s job market is that HUNDREDS of applications are often received for a SINGLE job posting, with only a handful of those candidates receiving invitations to interview. Suddenly, your years of education, skills, talents, and accomplishments are reduced to a single document.

Our career professionals at Zeleus ensure that your resume is professional, outstandingly written, and eye-catching, allowing your talents to stand out amidst the competition.