Professional/Personal Branding - $125

At Zeleus, we believe finding a fulfilling career should be a two-way street. Gone are the days of reshaping and squeezing yourself into a company or career that simply doesn’t fit, leaving you feeling drained, unfulfilled, and consistently one step behind.

Professional/Personal branding changes the name of the game. We highlight your strengths, interests, achievements, skills, career and personal goals, and market what makes you brilliantly You. We’ll take your professional branding and help you establish a consistent message across your resume, social media accounts, professional website, and more.

While the phrasing may be new, the concept is not. Career professionals across the globe are embracing personal branding to allow their careers to soar to unprecedented heights. If you are still on the fence, here are some ways personal/professional branding services will boost your career:

Get Noticed

Whether you’re currently applying for jobs or in the thick of your career, having a personal brand sets you apart from the rest. Defining your role as a professional, instead of just your job title, allows you to present strengths, talents, and expertise that may not be known otherwise.

Focus Your Career Path & Goals

Finding a fulfilling career can often feel very scattered, with a path winding through unexpected and often unwelcome territory. Having a personal brand helps bring your goals, strengths, talents, achievements and more into a clearly defined focus, leading to successful interviews, enhanced networking, professional success, and deeper happiness in your career.

Open New Doors

Clearly defining your professional mission and aligning yourself with your passion allows for professional opportunities to arise that previously would not. Employers and positions that match and align with your message and goals will present themselves, ensuring that your career path stays on course.

Establish Credibility

In a sea of faces, it can be hard to be noticed and revered within your field. Personal branding allows for like-minded professionals and colleagues to fully realize your talents and expertise, opening doors to collaboration, higher job potential, new opportunities, and even higher salaries.