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Resume Writing

Every job is unique. We’ll write your entire resume with that in mind. We’ll optimize it for each job you want to apply for, using the right keywords and formatting to help get your resume past companies’ applicant tracking systems. Then we’ll do it again for every job you want to apply for.

Cover Letter Writing

We’ll help you make a great first impression. Our professional cover letter writers will craft a letter tailored for the specific job you want. So when the hiring manager reads it, you will stand out.

Professional & Personal Branding

We’ll highlight your strengths, interests, achievements, skills, and career and personal goals. We’ll take your professional branding and help you establish a consistent message across your resume, social media accounts, professional website and more. So no matter where prospective employers search, you’ll look consistently brilliant.

One-on-One Interview Coaching

We’ll prepare you to nail your interview. We’ll give you insights you may not find otherwise. So when you sit down for your interview you’ll know what to say, how to say it, what to ask, and how to ask it. The person who comes across best in a job interview is often the one who lands the job, and we’ll help you be fully prepared.
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The Zeleus Entrepreneurial Program

Zeleus has developed a partnership with MassChallenge, a worldwide entrepreneur development organization, to accelerate business development efforts in Benin and other selected markets. MassChallenge offers us an international platform with established educational processes and investment networks to support our members. 

This program develops and promotes entrepreneurial skills for success in the worldwide market, including teamwork and collaboration, competition for funding, and access to American business networks and venture capital funding.  

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Entrepreneurship Training

We'll show new entrepreneurs how to structure your business, how to pitch and promote, and we’ll immerse you in an incubation lab for early-stage startups to learn from and assist fellow professionals.

Establishment of MassChallenge  in Benin

Under the auspices of the Office of the Ministry of the Numeric and the Digital Economy

Mentorship and Training

Raised awareness of Benin’s contribution to the global economy

About Zeleus

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Zeleus was founded with the goal of empowering professionals and propelling entrepreneurs as they work to build successful careers and businesses.   

We use a combination of powerful AI technology and human experts to help guide professionals throughout their careers. We also train entrepreneurs as they launch their companies, so they can be well positioned for lifelong success. Anywhere.  

For professionals, Zeleus is changing the game for career development. We leverage our proprietary AI-driven recommender and search engine, “big data” capabilities, and extensive databases to identify and help secure career opportunities for our members globally.   

For entrepreneurs, Zeleus utilizes our vast network of business professionals and internationally renowned companies within the U.S. to implement early-stage Venture Capital startup incubators for new businesses. And we deliver AI-driven tools and individualized human support to help launch and accelerate entrepreneurial careers. 

Meet the Zeleus Lead Team

Gildas Bah

Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO and Founder of Zeleus, Gildas is passionate about helping others achieve professional success. His enthusiasm for the advancement of professional training opportunities, career access, entrepreneurship, and economic development led him to build his Boston-based technology company, enabling professionals around the world to attain brilliant careers and entrepreneurial opportunities in the global marketplace.

Gildas founded Zeleus in 2020. Prior to that, Gildas was the very first Data Management professional on the Harvard Business School Online Data Team. There he developed extensive experience through the intersection of higher education, jobs, artificial intelligence, and entrepreneurship. He collaborated on the building of the data management platform, processes, and analytics that now power HBS as the online pioneer of business education.

Gildas has received education from universities in the United States, Benin, Burkina-Faso, France, and Spain. He holds an MBA from Anna Maria College, a M.Sc. in Actuarial Science from Boston University, and a B.S. in Mathematics and Economics from Worcester State University. Gildas speaks English, French, Fon, and Spanish.

Ed Weisberg

Chief Operating Officer

Ed is a game-changing business development pioneer. Ed was recognized early in his career as one of the 31 most influential high-tech executives in Rhode Island by the Providence Business Journal. He is known for his leadership successfully pioneering disruptive products and technology in emerging mission-driven market segments.

In addition to management roles as founder of several startups, he consults to companies using technology for the greater good in Healthcare, Database/AI implementation, International Education, Real Estate, Sustainable Products, and other industries. He has a track record of successfully assessing market opportunities and implementing a holistic combination of data-centric solutions to improve operations, penetrate the market, drive revenue, and manage to metrics and goals.

As a volunteer, Ed regularly participates as a judge and mentor for the MassChallengeCleanTech Challenge, and Rhode Island Business Plan Competitions.  He is the founder and leader of the eCommerce Expertise LinkedIn group. Ed holds a M.S. in Management from MIT Sloan School, and an B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania.   

Rick Kamal

Chief Technology Officer

Rick is an education services and information technology industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience leading large companies and building award-winning products. Rick collaborated with experts from Boston University, Chicago University, Duke University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Stanford University to develop the Most Complete Student Success System, MCS3.

He has held many executive positions in the education-consulting field. Numerous prestigious educational institutions, including Harvard University, have sought his expertise. He is the co-inventor of 3 US patents and has 5 additional US patents pending.

He is the chairman of the board of Zendigo Group Inc. He also serves on the board of directors of Kinetic Potential Explorers. His business, technology and education expertise is internationally sought.

Rick is an alumnus of Boston University, MIT Sloan School of Management and Stanford University. He is passionate about helping students achieve academic success.

Paul Floyd

Chief Financial Officer

Paul is a technology operating executive, consultant, and advisor with a track record of achieving rapid product and service growth at scale. Paul has extensive high-tech experiences with start-ups, mid-stage, and enterprise organizations in software, telecommunications, healthcare, Internet, and IT services. Paul initiated his career at AT&T Bell Labs, and subsequently transitioned to the mid-stage and start-up environment. Each industry and company size has presented unique challenges especially with the evolving dynamics of a start-up and the many challenges presented by acquisitions, integrations, and divestitures in mid-to-enterprise size companies. Paul particularly enjoys working in the startup environment and taking on the challenges of moving from the conceptual stage to scaling the company through sustained high growth.

As COO at iBasis, a pioneering and entrepreneurial internet global VoIP technology startup, Paul was
part of a high-powered executive team that drove the growth over a 10-year period to $1.2 billion in revenue leading to a successful exit with the sale of iBasis to KPN in the Netherlands.

During the past 10 years, Paul has worked with various technology and healthcare- oriented companies as an advisor/consultant and in fractional CFO executive roles. He was part-time CFO for Senscio Systems a home health software technology startup. He is currently the fractional CFO for Zeleus, a revolutionary career development platform, and a part-time CFO & Board Director for ARMR Systems a startup in the defense industry focused on advanced hemorrhage control systems. For Casamba Healthwyse, he was an interim executive successfully leading the post-merger integration between two home health software companies.

Paul’s educational experiences include Bachelor and Master’s in Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology and an MBA from The University of South Florida. Paul and his wife, Bonnie, have four adult children and are the proud grandparents of two twin boys.

John Furr

Director of Engineering

John received his PhD in Computational Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Mississippi, where he focused on Machine Learning approaches to predict drug activity.  After a 10-year stint working in drug discovery research, John transitioned to software full time where he would eventually serve as the lead engineer for the Harvard Online Learning Platform (HBS Online).  John also cofounded Ajuma Software, which focused on training engineers in Ghana and placing them in contract software positions.

Pinar Celik

Director of Career Services and Entrepreneurship

Pinar is an experienced instructional designer and dedicated edupreneur. She has over a decade long experience designing and developing learning solutions for higher education and adult education in formal and informal settings. Pinar is fluent with many delivery models including instructor-led, blended, and online. She has a master’s degree in Labor Economics and a PhD in Curriculum and Instructional Technology specializing in adult education and building communities of practices.

Hermann Mensah

Head of Business Development Benin

Michelle Mastrobattista

Director of Marketing

Michelle is a veteran marketing strategist who has worked in both agency and in-house roles on behalf of public and private businesses, as well as mission-driven organizations. Michelle has built several digital and creative teams from the ground up. She brings a strong creative sense, and a clear communications style and voice when counseling clients on how to build integrated strategic programs that effectively leverage their budgets across all platforms.

She is a board member at the Friends of San Juan National Historic Site, and a mentor at Babson College’s WIN Lab (Women Innovating Now) accelerator program. Michelle is a frequent speaker at national public relations industry events discussing trends and strategies for digital and social media.

She resides in San Juan, Puerto Rico and holds a B.A. in Communications Management from Emerson College in Boston.

Jack McGoldrick

Creative Director & Head of Video

Jack spent several years in New York City working at Madison Avenue advertising agencies creating campaigns for General Motors, Procter & Gamble, M&M Mars, Burger King, Panasonic, The Partnership for a Drugfree America, and many more. He’s won Clios, London International Advertising Awards, D&AD, Mobiuses and several others. He helped launch a live-performance music TV show and was the head cameraman. He has taught at the City University of New York, and has appeared on NPR, NBC, CNN.com, and The Boston Globe discussing his work and the ad industry. 

Deadline Extension for Bridge to MassChallenge Benin Program

Boston – MassChallenge, a global network of zero-equity startup accelerators, and Zeleus, a Boston-based corporation, founded to empower professionals and propel entrepreneurs, today announced that they have extended the deadline for the Bridge to MassChallenge Benin program to October 31, 2022. This decision was made to include a more diverse…

Zeleus Launches the International Bridge-to-Benin Career Enhancement Program

Cotonou, Benin – Zeleus Inc., a United States-based technology company for career enhancements and entrepreneurship is launching the first phase of its career development program in Benin this week. The first element of the program includes the implementation of a partnership with MassChallenge. MassChallenge is a non-profit organization dedicated to…

Zeleus and MassChallenge Announce Bridge to MassChallenge Benin

Cotonou, Benin –Zeleus, a Boston-based corporation, founded to empower professionals and propel entrepreneurs as they work to build successful careers and businesses, and MassChallenge, a global network of zero-equity startup accelerators, announced last week a partnership to support the startup and tech community in Benin, Western Africa. Zeleus and MassChallenge have…

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